What does it take to grow a business?

What does it take to grow a business?


You Can Do It...!

The question is - what is the best way to get there....?



GrowthWheel for Incubators — To help clients on the ground, you must work in the cloud!

The GrowthWheel Toolbox and cloud-based platform support your entire workflow with clients, from intake to graduation and everything you do for them in between

GrowthWheel Online is a platform for both the incubator advisor as well as the incubatee. For the advisor, it’s a platform to share both GrowthWheel and personal tools, to manage their client relationship, overall productivity, and to produce analytics and reports to stakeholders showing outcomes and impact. For the incubatees, it’s an online platform which helps them get a 360° perspective on their business to make decisions and take action in collaboration with their incubator advisor. Download our Incubator brochure.


The value proposition?

See the five ways the GrowthWheel Business Advisory system will help you help your clients:


1. Intake process

Incubator Job To Be Done:
For any incubation program or advisory process a key to success is to attract and select the right client companies.

The Value of GrowthWheel:
GrowthWheel has tools to figure out who does not belong in the program and tools to attract the interest of those who do.


2. Assessments

Incubator Job To Be Done:
The work with any client starts with making an assessment of needs and opportunities in order to define the scope of work.

The Value of GrowthWheel:
GrowthWheel has tools for making various 360° Screening and Readiness Assessments to be used by clients or the advisor.


3. Custom Toolbox

Incubator Job To Be Done:
All clients have individual needs because of their lifestage, industry, size, or because of the personality of the entrepreneur.

The Value of GrowthWheel:
GrowthWheel has more than 100+ tools that can be mixed with the advisor’s own tools to give each client a custom package. Further 20 Decision Sheets for Incubator Management.


4. Relationship Management

Incubator Job To Be Done:
For business advisors who work with a large volume of clients there is a need to track the process and the communication.

The Value of GrowthWheel:
The GrowthWheel Advisory System includes a CRM-system build specifically for business advisors and their clients.


5 Reporting and analytics

Incubator Job To Be Done:
Program, sponsors, managers, and advisors themselves needs to keep track of both clients’ and their own performance.

The Value of GrowthWheel:
The cloud-based GrowthWheel platform has built-in visual analytics for each client and aggregated for all clients in a network.

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