What does it take to grow a business?

What does it take to grow a business?


You Can Do It...!

The question is - what is the best way to get there....?



Certification and License —Get access to use the tools with all your clients

When becoming a GrowthWheel Certified Advisor™ or GrowthWheel Certified Educator™ you obtain a personal license to use the tools in the training or advisory of every entrepreneur you are personally working with. You will also get access to GrowthWheel Online.

GrowthWheel Training & Certification —On location or online. A 360° Perspective.

To become certified, you participate in the GrowthWheel Training & Certification. Certificates are provided by GrowthWheel while the training in Sweden is carried out by Itzinya AB.

Join a local course
If you choose to join a course on location, the course takes two days and is held regularly on different locations in Sweden or around the world. Write us about having a course in your city or organization.

Get certified online
Get the certification whenever you prefer with GrowthWheel Online Academy. Like in the local courses, you will get introduced to all GrowthWheel tools with the online modules. You can go through the modules on your own speed and we’ll be there to answer your questions.

The License Package —Online access. Quarterly updates. Unlimited use.

A license for GrowthWheel includes the following rights and services:

  • Online access to all GrowthWheel tools in hardcopies and writeable PDF-format.
  • Quarterly updates with new and updated tools based on your suggestions for changes and additions.
  • Rights to unlimited access to download and share with clients all tools on the platform as well as giving a free account on GrowthWheel Online for all clients or students you are personally working with.
  • Monthly OnTrack Webinars which offer further professional development
  • Free and optional re-certification
  • All training content available on the GrowthWheel eAcademy online platform.

Price plans and return on investment —Everything for the price of a textbook per entrepreneur

The price to become a certified and licensed GrowthWheel user is divided into a Course Fee for the Training & Certification and an annual License Fee per individual.

GrowthWheel International offers different price plans for business advisors, educators, and mentors, but all price plans usually break down to the price of a textbook per entrepreneur, depending on how many entrepreneurs you are working with.

For some licensees, GrowthWheel provides new sources of revenue, because fees are charged to the end user, or because sponsors are attracted to the tangible benefits GrowthWheel provides.