What does it take to grow a business?

What does it take to grow a business?


You Can Do It...!

The question is - what is the best way to get there....?



From idea to impact!
By entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs!

Itzinya’s vision is to create value to individuals and society through raising up new entrepreneurs, unleashing their talent and have them create sustainable solutions to worthwhile problems or needs so they can grow their companies and create jobs. We do this through our not-fornon-profit organization Itzinya Networks. To read more…


To do this we have gathered proven tools and processes from the startup world, brought them together in a practical series of workshops format, scaled them down to high school level, packaged them in a scalable concept and entrusted them to local partners in developing countries. We aim to reach larger cities on all continents and have just begun.


For scaling up Itzinya has become Certified Partner with GrowthWheel to provide state of the art, yet super simple tools for strategy planning and execution that makes the growth journey visual and tangible. This is not about rigid business plans or complicated processes stemming from academia. This is a simple, down to earth, fast and effective process made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.


At the end of the day we believe entrepreneurs are leaders. We want to help them grow that leadership in a sustainable way by a leadership that is unleashing the talent in their staff. The world need more leaders that has an inner moral compass and understand that leadership isn’t about them but about creating value for others. Business provides an effective leadership context and measurable results become evident.